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        產品名稱: SP4M單點稱重傳感器hbm
        產品型號: SP4M
        產品展商: 其它品牌
        產品文檔: 無相關文檔



        SP4M單點稱重傳感器hbm  的詳細介紹


        SP4M - Maximum accuracy single point load cell: available in C6 quality

        The SP4M single point load cells are now available as the successors to the successful SP4 series for maximum capacities from 1 kg up to 200 kg. The major innovation: The load cells now also offer C6 quality and therefore maximum measurement accuracy. However, a lot has been done with regard to the C3 quality models too: A broad choice of options ensures maximum flexibility.

        Advantages of C6 quality:

        'C6' denominates a load cell's accuracy with regard to its error limits (mpe) according to the OIML R60 international recommendation. It is the highest measurement accuracy that can currently be attained in strain-gage technology based mass-production. Load cells with C6 accuracy enable legal-for-trade scales with a permissible number of 6000 verification intervals to be produced. There are two direct advantages:

        • In applications where you previously had to use several scales with different weighing ranges, a single scale in C6 quality is now sufficient. For example: While, for example, a scale with a weighing range of 15 kg and 5 g verification intervals was required and, in addition, a scale with 30 kg/10 g, it will now be sufficient to use a single scale with 30 kg/5 g that even works without verification interval changeover. This saves costs when purchasing and performing the statutory verification required every two years.
        • C6 quality proves its superiority also in fields of applications that are not subject to statutory verification: Particularly with temperature changes, these load cells offer considerably higher accuracy and therefore more reliable test results.

        Precix series offers tested C6 quality

        Many manufacturers promise load cells with C6 accuracy. With HBM you can trust in real and reliable C6 quality. This has been proven in many tests: The precix series comprising all HBM load cells in C6 quality ensures extremely precise test results. Linearity, hysteresis, dead load output return, and all other parameters required for a legal-for-trade load cell invariably have ideal values. HBM's labels live up to their promises: C6 quality on the label means C6 quality inside.

        C6 quality is available for SP4M series load cells with the following maximum capacities: 7kg, 10kg, 15kg, 18kg and 36kg and, optionally, also 20kg and 30kg.

        Maximum flexibility thanks to many options

        Few single point load cells offer absolute measurement accuracy like this combined with so many options that enable use in numerous applications. By default, the models from this series are delivered with a 3 m long, shielded, robust 6-wire connection cable. They offer IP67 protection and have been designed for assembling multi-interval weighing machines. With models in C3 quality, the modular principle enables users to custom-assemble load cells for their special needs.


        • the size that suits your requirements from 13 different maximum capacities (from 1 kg up to 200 kg),
        • from four different cable lengths (1.5m, 3m, 6m or 12m),
        • whether you need an ATEX version complying with European Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX95) to enable your load cell to be reliably used in potentially explosive atmospheres,
        • whether you need an aligned output for connecting several load cells in parallel, for example, when assembling weighing systems with large platforms.

        The excellent price-to-performance ratio of the models from this load cell series for universal use makes them the perfect choice.


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